Desktop round bottle labeling machine

Desktop round bottle labeling machine is mainly composed of main machine, bid supply, label pulling, conveying, paper collection, induction transmission and other mechanisms. The original technology of this equipment is from Taiwan. After the company's technology re-reference design, in the original technology, more concise use of the overall working principle of the equipment, in the production process, the operation becomes simpler, the accuracy and stability become higher, so that the equipment application range becomes broader. This equipment can be completed independently or connected to other production equipment. In addition to the products applicable to the standard, it can also be enlarged, widened and lengthened according to customer requirements. It can also be specially customized according to the specific positioning of special-shaped products and certain products.

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  The power and output of the equipment product range

      Voltage:                   AC220V  50/60HZ

       Total power:                 1 Hours ≤1 kW

       Production yield:               1-50 bottles / min (depending on the diameter of the product to adjust the speed).

       Labeling accuracy:               ±0.5 mm (depending on the overall rules and flatness of the product)

       Suitable product range:           diameter φ20-φ 100 mm (specially customized in addition to size).

Pass rate:                 99% or more  

       Overall overall dimensions of the device:      1200X800X680 mm (length x width x height).

       Net weight of the equipment:               90 KG


  How the device works

     Desktop round bottle labeling machine labeling is based on the principle of rotary extrusion to complete the entire labeling action. When the product runs on the conveyor belt to the time between the spoke and the spoke limit roller, the product detection photoelectric sensor triggers the start signal, the cylinder pushes out the limit roller to fix the product and rotate between the spokes, the main traction motor runs, the label strips off the label base paper, and the label is delayed by the label set in the system The label is pasted on the product, when the gap between the label and the label passes through the label detection sensor, the label detection sensor automatically gives a stop signal, at this time a labeling cycle is completed, and so on and back and forth, to complete all the labeling output.